Freelance (2017)


Lance Valiant, John Cabot, and Tasha Kolchak are fearless explorers who delve into hidden secrets of our world and protect us from threats beyond imagination, but the greatest secret of all may be Lance’s own mysterious past…

Pulse-pounding action, wit, intrigue, and globe-trotting romance – One of Canada’s original heroes is reborn for the Chapterhouse era by writers Andrew Wheeler (Another Castle) and Jim Zub (Thunderbolts), and artist Vineda Vireak (51Hundred)!

From: Chapterhouse Comics

Notes on This Title





“Originally created by Ed Furness and Ted McCall in the 1940s, Lance Valiant —AKA Freelance— was a Doc Savage-esque pulp character who unfortunately fell into obscurity after superhero comics ceased being popular in North America. Freelance is an interesting product of his time and place; he was part of the Canadian “Golden Age” of comics that commenced once a WWII ban on non-essential imports (i.e. comic books) was lifted. American comics from that era have since become ubiquitous in modern-day pop culture, but the same can’t be said for their Canadian cousins.

But this Freelance is quite different from his classic iteration. Reimagined by Andrew Wheeler (Another Castle) and Jim Zub (Wayward) as a gay, Bond-esque superhero, Chapterhouse’s Freelance offers something unique to an underserved demographic in comics — but that’s not to say the title won’t appeal to anybody outside the queer spectrum.” (Source: Rogues Portal)


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