Oglaf (2008)

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Oglaf is a blend of absurdist parody and erotica. It depicts familiar fantasy tropes in distinctly silly and sexy situations.

Notes on This Title

As an erotic comic, this series features graphic depictions of sexuality.

Although there are a few recurring characters and storylines, many of the strips are stand-alone.


2016 Ledger Awards - Silver Ledger


Oglaf is a sex comedy webcomic set in a world created by shoving every existing fantasy world into a blender and setting it on puree. There’s no overall plot, but many recurring characters and storylines, all in service to some of the funniest smut on the web.

Finding good quality smut is hard. Most of it is gross, degrading, or just Rule 34 of someone else’s characters. Oglaf is different. It’s sexy, dirty, funny, smart, and wonderful. Most porn comics go for the goal of being as sexy as possible, foregoing characterization and even pleasureOglaf, as dirty as it is, somehow manages to be one of the lightest and most upbeat comics filled with sex that you’re ever likely to find.” (Source: Comics Alliance)

“Trudy Cooper’s delightfully demented brain comes up with endlessly creative sexual spins on the fantasy genre, from the enchanted semen that runs and tattles on the poor sorceress’s apprentice whenever he masturbates to the ice queen who can’t be…ahem…conquered because of her frosty interior.” (Source: io9)


Deconstructing Comics: “Oglaf: Sword, Sorcery, and Sex

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