On a Sunbeam (2016)


Mia joins a group of space-faring restoration experts as they retrofit abandoned buildings on alien worlds. Intercut with this are Mia’s reflections on her days in school and a relationship that altered the course of her life.

Notes on This Title

There is an incidence of misgendering of which sensitive readers may want to be aware.


2017 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic - Nominee


"Tillie Walden’s work is some of my current favorite; it’s just plain terrific. I love her single-story online comics and books, and a few months ago I wrote about how excited I am for her next book, but until that comes out, I’m extremely happy to have her new webcomic On a Sunbeam to read. This webcomic focuses on a young girl, Mia, who’s a freshman in what seems like outer space high school? And no matter what she does, she can’t quite seem to keep out of trouble. The story takes place at two times: in the current story, Mia is working with a crew of other young people to restore space ruins, and in flashbacks we see her when she was still in school, in what looks like the events leading up to why she’s now working with that crew. The whole comic is completely gorgeous and very wonderfully written and takes place is a gorgeous and fascinating world. Tillie Walden is amazing and I’m so glad this comic exists for us to read." (Source: Autostraddle) "Every now and again, there’s a comic that will stop you dead in your tracks and consume your time until you take in every last page and dialogue bubble. That’s the case with Tillie Walden’s fantastic, ongoing webcomic, On A Sunbeam. The story follows a girl named Mia after she’s assigned to a spaceship and tasked with rebuilding old structures, while the story flashes back to her past." (Source: The Verge) "This is a comic that is proud of its softness, and with good reason. A story of young love, boarding school, construction work, and leaving the small town you grew up in, Sunbeam feels in many ways like something familiar. But set against a backdrop of spinning stars in the void of space, familiar elements take on strange and wondrous new life. Mia is fresh out of high school when she gets a job doing deep-space building restoration, joining a crew consisting of curt foreman Alma, shy captain Char, silent technician Elliot, and ebullient iconoclast Jules, travelling in a koi-shaped starship to fix up old buildings free-floating out in the abyss. It’s a lush and dreamlike setting peppered with beautiful and inexplicable background elements and following a set of rules that only Walden knows. Windows open harmlessly to space, train tracks stretch between planets, gigantic cats play and hunt among the stars, and gravity doesn’t exist except when it does. It’s delicious and odd and I’ve never seen its like." (Source: Yes Homo)


Bookish: “The Next Frontier: Tillie Walden’s Webcomic On a Sunbeam Will Be Adapted to a Graphic Novel” ComicsAlliance: “Why Tillie Walden's ‘On a Sunbeam’ Makes Outer Space a Warm Place”

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