Questionable Content (2003)


Questionable Content is a slice-of-life webcomic which focuses on a group of young adults living in Massachusetts in the near future. Described by creator Jeph Jacques as being about “romance and robots”, Questionable Content blends humor, melodrama, and romance to track the hilarious highs and sobering lows of the indie rock generation.

Notes on This Title

This is an ensemble series. There are multiple queer characters in the supporting cast.

Presently, first editions of the first three print volumes are being phased out to make room for an anticipated second edition, meaning that they are currently difficult to track down.




“What is it that has made Questionable Content so successful and so long-lasting? Imagine Friends set into a world that’s very much like our own, only with advanced AI, robotics, and other technology. Think Max Headroom: 20 minutes inito the future. Even though it’s something of an investment (a near-daily comic for over ten years runs to over a thousand installments), I think that it’s well worth reading. The hardcore can start at #1, back when the comic was about music gags and just two protagonists. The more more sensible place to start is at about #500, when the comic started to develop along different lines and became much more interesting.” (Source: Book Riot)



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