Trans Girl Next Door

Trans Girl Next Door (2013)



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Autobiographical comic strips about the cartoonist’s life as a trans woman in her twenties.

Notes on This Title

The comic was syndicated in SF Weekly for Transgender Awareness Month 2016.


2014 Autostraddle Comic and Sequential Art Award Shortlist — Favorite Webcomic (Single Stories/Comics)
2016 Autostraddle Comic and Sequential Art Awards Shortlist — Favorite Webcomic – Episodic


“She talks about all sorts of aspects of her life. Some of them are directly related to her being a trans woman who only recently started transitioning, like her comics about breast growth or having a ‘manly’ sounding cough, but others are just about the minutiae of her daily life, like the comics about her idea of a hard-partying weekend, or the struggle of over-complicated tank top backs. Others could be related to her being trans, or they could just be other parts of her personality. I mean, who didn’t watch Orange is the New Black Season 2 and think the whole time that it absolutely needed more Laverne Cox? And all of the comics are equally cute.” (Source: Autostraddle)


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