Weaker Sides (2018)


Weaker Sides is a surreal, multimedia webcomic. This is the story of Kyoko and Ashley and their fateful meeting on a gentle summer night. Hailing from Canada, Ashley Brooks moved to the Netherlands to become a nurse. When he isn’t tending his overgrown garden or trying to heal local wildlife, he enjoys nocturnal rides through the woods surrounding his home. All seems well in Ashley’s little world – until he meets bewildered, doe-faced Kyoko, a headstrong but haunted artist on a feverish quest to retake her identity. However, she’s not alone on her journey, and with her demons in tow and old friends at her side, she embarks to solve the riddle of her new face.

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“I think the biggest selling point of the story is the abnormal storytelling Falco Verholen created. Unlike most stories, Weaker Sides take the time to present different viewpoints throughout different periods of time. Readers are not told when and where the story changes. Instead, it is up to the reader to figure out the direction of the story. The change of pace is quite pleasant and allows for the appeal of a mystery and confusion to draw a reader in. I find the constant jumps to be intriguing, as the comic piques my curiosity to go back and put the pieces together.

The art  has more of surrealistic style than most indie comics, with its abnormal uses of lines and colors. But the creator takes the time to connect their artwork back to the characters’ thoughts, rather than the plot of the story.” (Source: The Indie Toaster)


“Thematically, this material is challenging on a visceral level. A blending of poetry, photography, impressionist drawing styles and surrealism, the story reflects on the pleasures and the terrors of the non-typical mind. It vacillates between two poles: the visceral pain of a world red in tooth and concrete claw, and the seductive numbness that comes of retreating from it. Both have their blessings and their curses, and all their depths are plumbed in this work.

This story deserves an entry into the ranks of the great Urban Fantasy tales. The creator is currently on hiatus reformatting existing pages, but I hope they don’t change too much: I find the deep, strange internal journey gripping and cathartic just as it is. This work does a beautiful job of capturing altered states of consciousness by altering their media style: they wander from the deep, clear reflections of peaceful moments to the pain ridden scrawls deep in dark nights of the soul.” (Source: The Strip Show)


Anthony Cleveland: “On Horror: Interview with Falco Verholen, Creator of Weaker Sides

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