1602 Witch Hunter Angela (2015)


Notes on This Title

1602 Witch Hunter Angela is a follow-up to Angela: Asgard’s Assassinand is in turn followed up by Angela: Queen of Hel.




“The world of 1602 is fairly simple to represent: we’re in turn-of-the-17th-century London, amidst the height of cultural revolution known as the Renaissance, and our stories are driven by the conflicts and intrigue one would typically associate with a Shakespearean play (and the language tends to match Shakespeare’s Early Modern English as well). One of the core conflicts is the burgeoning population of Witchbreed, the 1602 counterpart for mutants.

In 1602: Witch Hunter Angela, Marguerite Bennett and Kieron Gillen return to this world of Witchbreed and King James and faux-Shakespearean heightened language and taverns and poets. Here, Angela and Serah hunt Witchbreed (hence the title) as well as a new form of evil known as the Faustians.” (Source: Talking Comics)



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