Artie and the Wolf Moon (2021)


After sneaking out against her mother’s wishes, Artie Irvin spots a massive wolf—then watches it don a bathrobe and transform into her mom. Thrilled to discover she comes from a line of werewolves, Artie asks her mom to share everything—including the story of Artie’s late father. Her mom reluctantly agrees. And to help Artie figure out her own wolflike abilities, her mom recruits some old family friends.

Artie thrives in her new community and even develops a crush on her new friend Maya. But as she learns the history of werewolves and her own parents’ past, she’ll find that wolves aren’t the scariest thing in the woods—vampires are.

From: Lerner Books

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a Black, queer teen girl.

This title contains depictions of blood, but is otherwise not overtly gory. Scenes of violence are depicted.




Starred Review: “This vibrant, fast-paced werewolf tale rejuvenates the genre with themes of Black family, community, and history, offering accessible dialogue and reimagining the folklore of werewolves with a striking premise that has a tremendous payoff.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)

“The book is strongest when it focuses on family dynamics—both biological and chosen. Before discovering her werewolf heritage, Artie is a lonely teen who hides from racist bullies in her school’s darkroom. But uncovering this new aspect of herself creates a deeper bond with her immediate family as well as a larger community that affirms her identity.” (Source: The AV Club)

“Readers looking for a story of discovery and healing wrapped in the paranormal will hit the jackpot.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)


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