Blackwater (2022)


Tony Price is a popular high school track star and occasional delinquent aching for his dad’s attention and approval. Eli Hirsch is a quiet boy with a chronic autoimmune disorder that has ravaged his health and social life. What happens when these two become unlikely friends (and a whole lot more . . .) in the spooky town of Blackwater, Maine? Werewolf curses, unsavory interactions with the quarterback of the football team, a ghostly fisherman haunting the harbor, and tons of high school drama.

From: Macmillan Publishers

Notes on This Title

The main characters of this title are two queer teen boys. One is Puerto Rican, while the other is Jewish, trans, and lives with a chronic illness in the form of an autoimmune disease.




“A romantic romp through the supernatural.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

” It’s an okay werewolf tale with some decent themes about grief that work, but the romance was so so when I had hoped I’d be more invested. Plus there’s a moment that I thought was pretty unforgivable that’s glossed over.” (Source: The Library Ladies)

“If you’re looking for a spooky, queer graphic novel, you won’t go wrong with borrowing Blackwater from the library.” (Source: Rich in Color)


The Nerd Daily: “Q&A: Jeannette Arroyo and Ren Graham, Co-creators of ‘Blackwater’

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