Bolero (2022)


It’s Christmas in snowy Los Angeles, and Devyn “Dagger” Dagny is heartbroken. Her twelve-year relationship with her ex Natasha has just come to a tragic end, she’s an aimless college dropout floundering at her job, and now her best friend is getting married to the wrong guy.

But what if she could start all over again?

A mysterious stranger. Something called an “anti-door” and a “mother-key.” Only 53 chances. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Locke and Key as writer WYATT KENNEDY and artist LUANA VECCHIO take you on an emotional journey across the multiverse.

From: Image Comics

Notes on This Title

The main characters of this title are a bisexual woman who appears to be Korean, and a queer trans woman who seems to be Latina. A Black Deaf man is a supporting character.

There are numerous sex scenes, as well as brief sequences of violence, some of which contain depictions of gore.




“A raw and realistic look at a woman’s life that could use a change (or 53 of them).” (Source: AIPT)

“Wyatt Kennedy and Luana Vecchio’s Bolero #1 is a gorgeously drawn, mind-bending story of lost love, new opportunities, and multiple universes.” (Source: CBR)


DF: “Wyatt Kennedy & Luana Vecchio take readers through emotions and alt-worlds in ‘Bolero’

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