Born Sexy Tomorrow (2018)


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Blaze Galaxy, a reckless renegade spaceman rogue, lives by his own rules.
Fighting, feasting, and f-uh, fostering human-alien relationships from planet to planet, he fears nothing…except commitment. His current mission: to save the human race from certain extinction (again).
Just another Wednesday, really. Until he accidentally awakens J-450n, an (adorable) assassin cyborg created by a race of perverted aliens, whose prime objective is to eliminate human life. Only J-450n’s been programmed to imprint upon the first living being that he sees…

From: Rocketship Entertainment

Notes on This Title

This title depicts a relationship between an adult man and a newly awakened cyborg character who sees him as a father figure.

“Season One” of this series was published on Tapas from 2018 to 2019. This material was collected in print in 2023. Additional seasons have not been announced.






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