Call Me Nathan (2018)


Assigned female at birth, Nathan spends his formative years facing questions without answers. As puberty hits and begins to change his body, it all just feels wrong, and something needs to change for it to feel right. He finds himself at a crucial crossroads. Becoming oneself is the work of a lifetime, no matter our gender, sexuality, or refusal to be limited by such categorisations.

For Nathan, his courageous first steps towards discovering his true self happen through transition. Based on a true story, Catherine Castro and Quentin Zuttion explore the tenacity and bravery that such a journey entails while society continues to wrestle with the meaning of identity.

From: Self Made Hero

Notes on This Title

This title was originally published in French before receiving an English translation in 2022.

The main character of this title is a trans man. There are brief depictions of nudity in a non-sexual context. Self-harm is depicted, and some transphobic and homophobic language is used. Blood is depicted, but this title is not overtly gory.




“This heartfelt and accessible work will appeal to any reader grappling with personal identity or processing revelations within their own family.”(Source: Publishers Weekly)



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