Camp Spirit

Camp Spirit (2017)



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Summer 1994: with just two months left before college, Elodie is forced by her mother to take a job as a camp counselor. She doesn’t know the first thing about nature, or sports, of kids for that matter, and isn’t especially interested in learning… but now she’s responsible for a foul-mouthed horde of red-headed girls who just might win her over, whether she likes it or not. Just as Elodie starts getting used to her new environment, though — and close to one of the other counselors — a dark mystery lurking around the camp begins to haunt her dreams.

From: Top Shelf Productions

Notes on This Title

This title was originally published across two volumes in French, starting in 2017. It later received an English language translation in 2020.

This title contains depictions of injured people and animals, although it is not overtly violent or gory. There is a brief sequence in which the characters are nude, but their naked bodies are not shown on panel.




“An entertaining story let down by stereotypical portrayals.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“Elodie’s foray into the wilderness is oddly paced but also oddly endearing, imperfect yet weirdly adorable, appropriate and best for its target audience of teens and nostalgic young adults.” (Source: Library Journal)

“There’s a lot readers will enjoy about this coming-of-age camp comedy: romance, a doseof paranormal horror, and laugh-out-loud shenanigans. It’s unfortunate that it includes a hurtful depiction of Native culture.” (Source: School Library Journal)



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