Cans of Beans (2014)


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College roommates Dude, a laid back party animal, and Carl, an uptight convenience store worker and secret werewolf, learn to overcome their differences.

Notes on This Title

Carl, one of the focal characters of the series, occasionally expresses inappropriate sentiments of a sexual nature. While done in jest, this behavior may make some readers uncomfortable.


2018 Prism Award for Best Webcomic - Nominee


“The plot of web comics range in diversity with myriad combinations for a reader to enjoy. Among my favorites in what should be considered a comedy/romance (with a slight bit of lighthearted suspense and lycanthropy as well) is a comic called Can of Beans. This great read comes to us from Southern Cal artist Tamara Go. Tamara calls her comic a ‘bromance’, which identifies the relationship between the two main characters, Carl Lester and Dude Brosmith, to a tee. The appealing color use helps drive emotion from the panels scenery-take note of Go’s use of color for outlines rather than the more common used black. This alone shows dedication to a final look and feel that I consider admirable; the end result is well worth the effort.” (Source: The Web Comic Review)



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