Constantine: Distorted Illusions (2022)

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Constantine is not your average bad boy…

John Constantine is, and has always been, a magician of the highest caliber—who doesn’t need additional training from any highbrow magician, thank you very much.

Sensing an opportunity for independence, Constantine falsely accepts an apprenticeship in the United States to instead become the lead singer of his best friend’s punk band, Mucous Membrane. When the band begins to dabble in magic, a complicated spell gets out of hand…and the disastrous consequences might be more than Constantine can handle.

From: DC Comics

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a bisexual 18 year old male.




“I think it works slightly better than Garcia’s Teen Titans books—it has a very brisk pace and some genuinely disturbing visuals courtesy of Isaac Goodhart that pay tribute nicely to the character’s Vertigo roots, even if this is definitely a kinder and gentler take on the character.” (Source: GeekDad)

Distorted Illusions, a new YA graphic novel starring John Constantine, presents a lighter take on DC’s roguish hard-luck magician.” (Source: ScreenRant)



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