Coven (2022)


Emsy has always lived in sunny California, and she’d much rather spend her days surfing with her friends or hanging out with her girlfriend than honing her powers as a fire elemental. But when members of her family’s coven back east are murdered under mysterious circumstances that can only be the result of powerful witchcraft, her family must suddenly return to dreary upstate New York. There, Emsy will have to master her neglected craft in order to find the killer . . . before her family becomes their next target.

From: Penguin Random House

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a queer teen girl. The supporting cast includes queer teen boys, including one with dark skin.

This title contains depictions of blood and the aftermath of violent acts.




“Not a must-read but a solid, witchy story.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“While the coven’s secrecy, even among members, provides tension, it also often impedes character growth and sometimes causes narrative confusion. Nevertheless, Dugan’s (Melt with You) empathetic cast, whose interpersonal challenges and endearing romances flourish amid supernatural conflict, feel solidly teen, buoying this vividly illustrated graphic novel adventure.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)


The Nerd Daily: “Author Jennifer Dugan and Illustrator Kit Seaton on ‘Coven’”

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