DeadEndia (2018)


DeadEndia is a series of graphic novels published by Nobrow Press. It follows the adventures of Barney and Norma, two humans who stumble upon the supernatural secrets of Dead End, an amusement park haunted house! Joining their adventures are Pugsley, a pug possessed by a demon king and Courtney, the guardian of the elevator to the 13 Planes of Existence!

From: Hamish Steele

Notes on This Title

The main characters of this title are a queer trans man, an autistic South Asian woman, a neurodivergent Muslim woman, and a queer East Asian man.

It is heavily implied that one of the female main characters is romantically interested in her female best friend.




“With time travel, demonic possession, monsters, magic spells, and fights between creatures of pure sadness and pure happiness, there is never a dull moment—but in the realm of human emotion, there are relatable ones.” (Source: Kirkus Review)

“Pick up DeadEndia for a heart-warming dose of smart supernatural silliness.” (Source: Broken Frontier)


The Mary Sue: “Interview: DeadEndia Creator Hamish Steele on Bringing More LGBTQ+ Animation to Netflix

1 thought on “DeadEndia”

  1. This novel(Alongside the series itself) really helped me get through tough times.
    As a neurodivergent gender fluid teen, I burst into tears when I discovered that a novel like this exsisted.
    Best. Graphic Novel. Ever


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