Fallow Time (2017)


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Fallow Time is a Dungeons and Dragons inspired comic about a trio of female adventurers taking a well-earned rest after a battle. Petra Redpick (a dwarf paladin), Briar Sylvana (an elf ranger), and Morwen Bonethief (an orc necromancer) are thrown together by ill luck and circumstance rather than pure friendship, but they love each other all the same.

From: Kate Sheridan

Notes on This Title

The self-harm warning is for a character cutting her own hand for fantasy spellcasting purposes.




“Written and illustrated by Kate Sheridan, an independent illustrator and comic artist, Fallow Time is a short, self-published comic about three adventurers—a dwarf paladin, an elf ranger, and an orc necromancer. It catches them at a quiet moment, the three ladies unwinding away from their latest battle. Sheridan’s bright, lush art emphasizes the pastoral nature of their quiet moment: the birds fluttering out of the trees, the pink and orange of the twilight sky.” (Source: io9)

“The 12 page comic peers in on one of those quiet moments, between three friends and adventuring companions — Briar the elven ranger, Morwen the orcish necromancer, and Petra the dwarven paladin. The beautiful art and soothing colors underscore the tenderness that is shared between the three of them. It’s a charming slice of life about a comfortable relationship that suggests that this is only one of many tender moments they’ve experienced together, and it feels familiar and comforting to read.” (Source: Rogues Portal)


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