First Year Out (2018)


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This intimate graphic novel follows young transgender woman, Lily, as she navigates her first year of being openly female. From laser hair removal and coming out to her parents, through dating, voice training, and gender reassignment surgery, it traces the thoughts, emotions, and struggles many trans and non-binary people face every day. With love and friendship at its core, this honest story is a testament to being who you are and a celebration of gender diversity.

Notes on This Title

This graphic novel is a fictional narrative interspersed with educational and sometimes instructional pages about trans, especially transfeminine, experiences, such as tucking, hormone replacement therapy, and voice training.

First Year Out contains frank but non-graphic discussions and depictions of sexual acts.




“The illustrations and pastel colour scheme works well to promote a feeling of presence and believably in the characters. There was a few times when I thought the explanations and set up’s for Lily to question and educate curious (or hostile) characters could have been more deftly and naturally handled but overall the narrative works well enough. Dodging nothing and allowing us real understanding of the changes and adjustments needed on a regular basis this books is an utterly charming journey into a new life which allowed the reader—tans [sic] or  cis ally—to gain understanding whilst connecting with a protagonist who is likable, everyday but utterly themselves at every step of the way.” (Source: Gscene)



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