Gay Giant

Gay Giant (2016)


A gay giant can’t hide. This charming coming of age and coming to terms with oneself story, shows us what it feels like to grow up queer in a heteronormative society in the 1990s.

Filled with pop-cultural touchstones from Cher to Laurie Anderson, Jurassic Park to My Little Pony, we navigate both the joy and pain of puberty surrounded by ignorance and homophobia, the anxiety of casual hookups, and pressure to be more macho. How do you love yourself if you’ve learned so well to hate yourself? For all of us who’ve ever felt bizarre, damaged, or strange, we are shown that all is full of love, and that true acceptance must come from within yourself.

From: Street Noise Books

Notes on This Title

This graphic memoir by Gabriel Ebensberger is translated from Spanish into English by Kelley D. Salas with Mercedes Guhl.


2022 Lambda Literary Award for LGBTQ+ Comics - Nominee


“Folks who remember struggling with scant knowledge, a lack of queer community, or judgmental society will find a kindred spirit in this book.” (Source: Booklist)

“Ebensperger debuts with a big pink splash in the forthright but lighthearted memoir . . . This entertaining, funny, and warmhearted chronicle of the rocky road toward self-acceptance is a real charmer.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)



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