Girls with Slingshots (2004)


This slice-of-life webcomic follows a diverse group of 20-somethings as they learn about themselves and each other with the help of alcohol and a talking cactus.

Notes on This Title

This series features an ensemble cast, several members of which fall on the LGBTQIA spectrum.

Erin, a major supporting character, is asexual, but not aromantic.


2015 National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award - Online Comics – Short Form


“If you’re a new reader you’d probably like to know what you’re getting into, so here’s a quick summary: Girls With Slingshots is a slice-of-life, comedy webcomic that follows the shenanigans of a quirky group of friends. Our protagonists are Hazel, an often-unemployed journalist who loves alcohol and irresponsibility, and Jamie, a photographer/florist who is responsible and caring, but still loves alcohol. Hazel and Jamie’s friend group grows throughout the strip, and includes Clarice, a porn store employee who really wants to be a librarian, Jameson, a barista who’s always there to listen, Maureen, an introverted blogger with a love of cardigans, Thea, a writer/editor who’s unlucky in love, and McPedro, a talking cactus (we’ll get to that later.) Don’t be fooled! There are no stereotypes in GWS, only real, complicated people who you’ll quickly come to adore.” (Source: Women Write About Comics)


The Washington Post: “Danielle Corsetto on the end of her long-running comic ‘Girls With Slingshots’

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