I’m a Wild Seed (2021)


A collection of lively autobiographical comics guiding the reader through an understanding of queerness and what it means to one woman of color.

In this delightfully compelling full-color graphic memoir, the author shares her process of undoing the effects of a patriarchal, colonial society on her self-image, her sexuality, and her concept of freedom. Reflecting on the ways in which oppression was the cause for her late bloom into queerness, we are invited to discover people and things in the author’s life that helped shape and inform her LGBTQ identity. And we come to an understanding of her holistic definition of queerness.

From: Street Noise Books

Notes on This Title

This title is the memoir of a queer Puerto Rican and Dominican person. It contains discussions of – but not depictions of – violence against trans women.




“This potent memoir assuredly navigates the complicated intersections of identity.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“Through a collection of short anecdotes, beautifully rendered with colourful and often comedic imagery, De La Cruz tells her own story of finding and defining her space as a queer BIPOC woman.” (Source: Women Write About Comics)


Boricua Reads: “Sharon Lee de la Cruz – author and illustrator of I’M A WILD SEED

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