Is Love the Answer? (2020)


When it comes to love, high schooler Chika wonders if she might be an alien. She’s never fallen for or even had a crush on anyone, and she has no desire for physical intimacy. Her friends tell her that she just “hasn’t met the one yet,” but Chika has doubts… It’s only when Chika enters college and meets peers like herself that she realizes there’s a word for what she feels inside–asexual–and she’s not the only one. After years of wondering if love was the answer, Chika realizes that the answer she long sought may not exist at all–and that that’s perfectly normal.

From: Kodansha

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is an asexual, aromantic Japanese teen. The supporting cast includes an asexual agender adult and a man who is primarily attracted to men, occasionally attracted to women, and identifies as gay.




Is Love the Answer? is a book that looks to start the conversation.” (Source: Anime News Network)



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