It Took Luke: Overworked and Underpaid (2022)

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LA, 2028. Down-on-their-luck exterminator Sal Hernandez is sick of long hours, living in their work van, and ready to reconcile with their estranged partner. The only thing standing in their way is one last shift. What seems like a routine job is anything but, and when a proselytizing mass of flesh abducts Sal’s newest coworker, Luke, an extermination job quickly turns into a rescue mission.

Freshly concussed from a pro-bono job earlier in the morning, for Sal, the line between reality and hallucination begins to blur. Sal and their teammates Molly and Hussam are as experienced as they come, but will it be enough to overcome the horrific creature that waits in the shadows and the incompetence of their boss?

From: Simon & Schuster

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title uses they/them pronouns. This is a horror title, and contains frequent depictions of violent acts, blood, and viscera.




“This book is a little fast paced and doesn’t give much backstory to get you going. However, the black and white style with splash of red is a cool effect to the artwork to make the book standout on its own.” (Source: Capes & Tights)


GamesRadar+: “Capitalism is the true monster in It Took Luke: Overworked and Underpaid

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