Jughead (2015)


Archie’s food-obsessed slacker pal has various misadventures at Riverdale High.

Notes on This Title

Jughead, the focal character of this series, is asexual. His asexuality is reference directly in issue four, which is collected in the first volume. The second volume features a story in which Jughead is unsuree how to come out as asexual to a new friend.

Kevin Keller is a supporting character in this series.


2017 Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication


“Between the deadpan serious presentation of the ridiculous real-world conflict and the parody gags in the flights-of-fancy sections, Zdarsky packs the book with character-driven and structural gags, all of which Henderson beautifully executes in a style as far removed from Staples’ first issues of Archie as those were from the Archie Comics they were reimagining in the first place (like, its one thing for Zdarsky to write that school genius Dilton’s greatest ability is really dance, but it takes an artist like Henderson to pull it off with a fantastic dance sequence).” (Source: School Library Journal)


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