Let Me Out (2023)


When Pastor Holley’s wife, Kelly, is found murdered, FBI agent Garrett takes on the case with local New Jersey Sheriff Mullen. Together they start drumming up a convenient satanic-flavored scapegoat to cover up their own crimes of murder and experimentation. That scapegoat comes in the form of four friends: Mitch, Terri, Lupe, and Jackson. The punks, the queers, and the outcasts. Soon the group becomes the prime suspects of Kelly’s murder. Now on the run from Garrett and Mullen, the group finds themselves in the midst of a deal with the devil themself.

From: Simon & Schuster

Notes on This Title

This title focuses on a group of queer friends: Mitch, a trans masc Middle Eastern character, Lupe, a trans feminine Latine character, Terri, a queer girl who is visually coded as Black, and Jackson, a queer boy who reads as white.

The following content warning is provided: “”Let Me Out contains discrimination against queer characters, transphobia including the use of deadnames, misgendering, gory violence, and strong language throughout.




“A dark, bloody, trope-defying tale on the terrors of corruption and bigotry, and the daring hope that comes with friendship and found family.” (Source: AIPT)


Bear World Magazine: “‘Let Me Out’ promises a HELL of a good read

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