M is for Monster (2022)


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A scientist attempts to bring her younger sister back to life with unexpected results in this Frankenstein-inspired graphic novel about ghosts, identity, and family
When Doctor Frances Ai’s younger sister Maura died in a tragic accident six months ago, Frances swore she would bring her back to life. However, the creature that rises from the slab is clearly not Maura. This girl, who chooses the name “M,” doesn’t remember anything about Maura’s life and just wants to be her own person. However, Frances expects M to pursue the same path that Maura had been on—applying to college to become a scientist—and continue the plans she and Maura shared. Hoping to trigger Maura’s memories, Frances surrounds M with the trappings of Maura’s past, but M wants nothing to do with Frances’ attempts to change her into something she’s not.
In order to face the future, both Frances and M need to learn to listen and let go of Maura once and for all.

From: Harry N. Abrams

Notes on This Title

Two of the focal characters of this title are coded as Asian. A major supporting character uses they/them pronouns.




“Electrifying, swiftly moving, and full of life.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“Though Frances’s guilt is palpable, Maura’s wry wit (“Science go oops. Energy go BOOM. Maura go bye-bye”) and M’s endearing missteps skillfully balance weighty circumstances with humor, conveying a moving story about prioritizing one’s well-being, personal expression, and self-discovery.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)


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