Matchmaker (2021)


Best friends Mason and Kimmy live through their early twenties in the early ‘20s, navigating a global pandemic and terrifying job market alongside making friends, dating, and playing way too many video games. But when shy and nervous Mason can’t find a boyfriend, it’s up to Kimmy to play matchmaker!

Who will it be? The cute boy down the hall with the Sailor Moon mask? A mysterious stranger from the dating profile that Kimmy masterminded? Or maybe the angsty barista from the neighborhood coffee shop?

A stubbornly hopeful and funny comic about the bonds between queer and trans friends, the families we make, and the happiness we find in each other.

From: Silver Sprocket

Notes on This Title

The two focal characters of this series are Mason, who is a gay man, and Kimmy, who uses a range of pronouns and states that they “exist outside of gender”. Kimmy is shown to be on antidepressants. The supporting cast includes Marlowe, a lesbian, Ben and Criss, a gay couple, Mason’s sister Sam, who comes out as bisexual over the course of the series, and Cass, who is bisexual and a trans man.


2024 Eisner Award for Best Webcomic - Nominee


“This refreshingly feel-good time capsule of a peculiar, fraught period offers laughs and feels in equal measure.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)



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