Men I Trust (2022)



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Eliza is a thirtysomething struggling single mother and poet. Sasha, a twentysomething yearning for direction in life, just moved back in with her parents and dabbles as a sex worker. The two strike up an unlikely friendship that, as it veers toward something more, becomes a deeply resonant exploration of how far people are wil­ling to go to find intimacy in a society that is increasingly not conducive to it.

In Sasha and Eliza, Parrish has created two of the most fully realized characters in recent contemporary fiction. Parrish’s gorgeously painted pages showcase a graceful understanding of body language and ear for dialogue, brilliantly using the medium of comics to depict the dissonance between the characters’ interior and exterior experiences. Men I Trust is about not-always-healthy people attempting to make healthy connections in a disconnected world, and is one of the most moving and insightful works of literary fiction in any medium this year.

From: Fantagraphics

Notes on This Title

The main characters of this title two queer women. An abusive relationship is described.




Starred Review: “This humane, insightful tale should further burnish Parrish’s reputation as a first-rate artist and storyteller.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)

“Tommi Parrish’s stunning new graphic novel Men I Trust is about two lonely women. It appears to be the story of their connection, but as it unravels it becomes darker, deeper, and, ultimately, in its own way, more hopeful.” (Source: Autostraddle)


Publishers Weekly: “A Lush World: PW Talks with Tommi Parrish

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