My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (2016)


28 years old. No confidence. No direction. Never had sex…

The candid tell-all of a young woman’s struggles with depression and sexuality that has taken the internet by storm!

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Notes on This Title

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness depicts depression and disordered eating.

It reads as a stand-alone but is followed by a sequel series, My Solo Exchange Diary.


2018 Harvey Award Winner for Best Manga


Starred Review: “Nagata draws cute characters in simple, spindly lines tinted with dollops of pink, making even the lumpiest of her warts-and-all confessions look adorable. Her strength is in her writing, which mixes shockingly blunt honesty with humor and small, imaginative observations: ‘The texture of my first kiss was like a tomato.’ This is a wrenching memoir from a major talent.” (Source: Publishers Weekly, vol 264, issue 49)

“Not only does this book do an incredible job telling a personal story of discovering and exploring sexuality, but it also shows the way mental health so often effects coming out narratives.” (Source: Autostraddle)

“As told through the true life experiences of the author, it is both incredibly awkward and extremely intimate featuring a graphic and detailed portrayal of sex, depression, social interaction, and anxiety. In sharp contrast to the stark and moving experiences that Kabi takes part in, the imagery itself is softly rounded and playful, full of soft pastel pinks on every page. While the subject matter is by no means light, this moving and honest slice of life will resonate with anyone who has questioned themselves or ever been conflicted in their lives.” (Source: Teen Vogue)

“Few might have predicted that Nagata Kabi’s autobiographical tale of 28-year-old virginity would become the hit manga of the summer. But that’s just the thing: nothing about My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is predictable. It is funny, yes, as the cheeky title implies; Nagata’s face, flushing comically as she exclaims that she is ‘saving this!’ while looking at a sexy pin-up is one of the funniest moments from a comic this year. But beneath the sillier experiences of sexual awakening lie Nagata’s wrenching journey from depressed shut-in to… slightly less depressed shut-in. Though this is, ultimately, an uplifting tale, its triumphs are hard-won, and never saccharine. Nagata has something of an eye for dark details; the blood speckling the dry blocks of noodles she wolfs frantically down is one of the most memorable images of the book. In its honesty and specificity, Nagata creates, somehow, a universal story: though we may not all be lesbians with tendencies towards disordered eating, we have all felt lonely and we have all longed for change.” (Source: The Verge)



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