Never Satisfied (2015)


The competition to become the new city Representative—a magician who serves the magistration and protects the people from monstrous husks—is fierce. Eight young apprentices and their animal familiars are vying for the role, while behind the scenes, corrupt officials work to ensure their favored contestants make it to the next round. Lucy Marlowe wants the job more than anything. A win would show their master that they aren’t a worthless waste of effort. But being Representative isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

From: Seven Seas Entertainment

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a nonbinary person. The supporting cast is racially diverse, and includes characters of a wide range of sexualities and gender identities.

This title has been on hiatus since April 2023.


2015 ComicsAlliance Best New Webcomic


“With it’s great, diverse characters and gorgeous setting, it’s easy to fall in love with Never Satisfied.” (Source: Autostraddle)


Multiversity Comics: “Taylor Robin on “Never Satisfied” and That Time He Got Banned from DeviantArt

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