New York, New York (1995)


Police officer Kain Walker has gone to great lengths to prevent his coworkers, family, and friends from finding out he’s gay. But when Kain meets Mel Fredericks, he realizes at once that his whole world is about to change. For the first time, Kain wants more than a one-night stand, but a relationship carries risks, discovery not least among them. Battling with others’ expectations and biases-and his own-Kain struggles to balance his desire for secrecy with his feelings for Mel at a time when being out could cost him dearly…

From: Yen Press

Notes on This Title

The following content warning is provided: “This English-language edition of New York, New York contains certain words and phrases that are currently considered outdated in LGBT culture and in Jewish culture.” In addition, this title contains depictions of suicide, homophobic language and attitudes, violence, including gun violence, rape, serial murder, unlawful imprisonment, the sexual exploitation of a minor, and acts of self-harm. HIV is discussed, and character is shown to die from AIDS. A supporting character is suggested to be a drag queen, a transgender woman, or both, but is never specifically identified as any of these on-panel.




“Gay love and struggle in 1990s New York City.” (Source: AIPT)



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