Power Ballad (2017)



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As personal assistant to an international pop star, Meera Verma has her hands full trying to keep the gorgeous and talented Carina Peterson primped, polished, and mostly on time. As personal assistant to a Los Angeles-based masked vigilante, Meera has her hands full repairing body armor, stitching up knife wounds, and generally doing everything in her power to keep the mysterious and reckless Skeleton alive and out of trouble. Carrie’s just trying to make some music and fight some crime.

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“I read the words “lesbian superhero romcom” and I was in. Like, In It To Win It.(Lesbians in allll theeee comics, please and thank you! Also, can we kill the trope where they always die *stares at white male writers*) I saw the name of the artist Molly Brooks and a blue colored lightbulb went off in my head. I know Molly, I’ve bought a few of her comics before and I’m familiar with her takes on female leads and tightly structured drawn narratives that really work.

This new endeavor by Brooks titled Power Ballad follows two women: Meera Verma who is an personal assistant to the Popstar Carina aka Carrie Peterson, the second main character of this story. Meera has her hands full as a personal assistant: scheduling and rearranging appointments, picking up dry cleaning…and also repairing body armor as well as making sure the vigilante alter-ego of her boss ends up in one piece. Carina, with Meera at her side is content to fight crime masked in a skeleton ensemble, make music and do her best to enjoy the ride.” (Source: Black Nerd Problems)

“Meera Varma is personal assistant to international popstar Carina Petersen. Carina’s hobby is running around the rooftops of Los Angeles dressed in a skeleton suit lined with Kevlar interfering in crimes-in-progress. Meera figured out Carina’s alter ego within forty-eight hours of being hired, and promptly offered her personal assistant services to The Skeleton as well.

Unfortunately, after two years, Meera is utterly in love with her boss. She thinks she’s got a really bad crush on a straight girl. What she doesn’t realise is that her feelings are requited. This is a story about how awkward it is to figure out whether or not you can have a relationship with your boss—or with your employee—while investigating the bizarre thefts of dresses designed by a cult fashion designer, including one from off the back of his widow, and also falling off rooftops. (Carina finds being the Skeleton relaxing compared to being in the spotlight.) The awkward dance of does-she-like-me? does-she-like-me-back? is complicated by Meera’s many ex-girlfriends, with all of whom Meera still seems to be on good terms, and who are, to quote Carina, “really thirsty.”

This is a delightfully fun, touching story with vivid art and excellent pacing. Complete in 26 episodes, it’s also a fairly short read. And, honestly? One of the best “superhero”/ vigilante stories I’ve read in ages. Try it. Seriously.” (Source: Tor)


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