Project Nought (2023)


Ren Mittal’s last memory in the year 1996 is getting on a bus to visit his mystery pen pal Georgia. When he wakes up in 2122, he thinks he might be hallucinating…he’s not!

Tech conglomerate Chronotech sponsors a time-travel program to help students in 2122 learn what history was really like…from real-life subjects who’ve been transported into the future…and Ren is one of them.

In 2122, Ren’s life in the 1990s is practically ancient history—and Ren’s not sure how to feel about that. On top of it all, he learns that his memory will be wiped of all things 2122 before he’s sent back to the ’90s. Adding to Ren’s complicated feels, he’s forming a crush on his student guide, Mars.

And when he crosses paths with the absolute last person he expected to see in the future, he has a bigger problem on his hands: What if Chronotech isn’t the benevolent organization they claim to be, and he and his fellow subjects are in great danger?

From: HarperCollins

Notes on This Title

A portion of this work was published on Tapas before being collected in its entirety in print.

The main character of this title is a queer teen boy who is coded as South Asian. The supporting cast includes a white-coded queer teen boy, a white-coded queer teen girl, an East Asian-coded teen who uses they/them pronouns, and a person who uses a wheelchair, appears to be of Māori descent, and uses they/them pronouns.




Starred Review: “An exemplary teen graphic novel that will cross interests of sci-fi, queer romance, adventure, and anti–big tech readers, gorgeously accessible.” (Source: School Library Journal)

“A joy ride that will take readers from crying to gripping their seats and back again.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“A solidly queer addition to the sci-fi canon that interrogates how the pursuit of science can sometimes overshadow a commitment to ethics.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)



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