Pug Davis (2010)



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Pug Davis is a curmudgeonly, gruff and tough space hero… he also happens to have the head of a pug. Reluctantly teamed with his sensitive and thoughtful partner, Blouse, this odd couple fights aliens in space so we don’t have to fight them here.

From: Albatross Funnybooks

Notes on This Title

This series was originally self-published online and in single issue form before being collected in print – first in 2010, then later in a full color edition.

Pug Davis, the titular character, received prosthetic arms after losing his in an accident.




“This comic is decidedly not appropriate for kids, with crude language and heavy sexual content (the last story is literally titled “Mindf*ck” and involves intercourse with jellyfish aliens). Beyond that, its sensibility is dark and chaotic, contorting its characters in horror at the strangeness of the universe.” (Source: CBR)


Animac: “Interview with Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe

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