Queer As All Get Out: 10 People Who’ve Inspired Me (2021)


Take a walk with one queer artist from Texas and explore the lives of ten LGBTQ+ people from history.

What does it take to live your truth? And how do we each navigate the struggle for personal acceptance within a society that is so often intolerant? In this galvanizing story of resilience, Shelby Criswell takes us by the hand and leads us through the lived experiences of ten inspiring people. Each an example of how to find your way as your own authentic self. Featuring illustrated biographies of Mary Jones, We’wha, Magnus Hirschfeld, Dr. Pauli Murray, Wilmer “Little Ax” Broadnax, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Carlette Brown, Nancy Cárdenas, Ifti Nasim, and Simon Nkoli.

From: Street Noise Books

Notes on This Title

This title profiles ten historical figures that have inspired the author, who is nonbinary and was raised Christian. These figures are:

  • Nancy Cárdenas, a Mexican lesbian.
  • Ifti Nasim, a gay Pakistani man.
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a queer Black woman.
  • We’Wha, a lhamana (two-spirit) Zuni person.
  • Mary Jones, a Black trans woman.
  • Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, a gay Jewish man.
  • Carlett Brown, a Black intersex trans woman.
  • Dr. Pauli Murray, a trans multiracial person.
  • Wilmer “Little Ax” Broadnax, a Black trans man.
  • Simon Nkoli, a gay Black man.


2021 ALA Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table Best Graphic Novels for Adults


“A positive, highly personal addition to the body of LGBTQ+ stories.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“Queer as All Get Out combines two popular comic genres — graphic memoir and non-fiction biography — in outstanding fashion.” (Source: School Library Journal)



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