Royals (2017)


A myth from the future. A quest to the far stars. A legend written across galaxies. Guided by the other-dimensional Kree warrior known as Marvel Boy, the Inhuman Royal Family departs on an odyssey across all creation on search for lost secrets — and the last hope — of their people. The knowledge they seek could change the course of Inhuman destiny, but it cannot be attained without cost…for at the end of days, the Last Inhuman tells the tale of how seven left Earth for the stars…but only six returned.

From: Marvel Comics

Notes on This Title

Noh-Varr, a supporting character in this series, is depicted as queer elsewhere, but his sexuality is not directly referenced here.




“Overall, Royals Volume 1: Beyond Inhuman is a solid volume that gets a lot of important things right. The Inhumans are likable again, with Medusa stealing the show while lesser-known characters like Flint and Swain still get small moments to shine. The narration throughout the issue is fantastic, and Meyers and Kinnaird do a fantastic job on their portions of the artwork. Unfortunately, the rest of the art team, though competent, doesn’t shine as brightly. The volume’s last two issues in particular are a bit disappointing, as Ronan isn’t made as compelling as he could have been. Nonetheless, this is a strong volume that succeeds on two very important fronts: it builds interest for the next volume and it makes the Inhumans cool again.” (Source: Adventures in Poor Taste!)


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