Starfighter (2009)



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As a new Navigator in the Federated Alliance Fleet, Abel has just been partnered with an intimidating Fighter, Cain, on an assignment to keep Earth and her colonies safe from an outside threat. When Abel’s skills are put to an early test, he gets a chance to see why Cain has earned a reputation as the best Fighter on the station. Cain’s plans involve more than fighting, however, and Abel is forced to confront desires he’s kept only to himself, until now…

From: Starfighter

Notes on This Title

This is a work of erotica, with frequent depictions of sex and nudity. It contains depictions of blood, but no gore otherwise. Violence and controlling behavior between intimate partners are featured.




“Over and above that, the muted colors of the comic, with just about all light being artificial, sells how isolated the station and the pilots are, and how cold space can get. It’s a world where everything is dangerous and love may be the most dangerous thing of all.” (Source: ComicsAlliance)


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