The Center for Otherworld Science (2014)



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The Center for Otherworld Science is a comic by Shing Yin Khor. It is about three women, awkward romance, interpersonal workplace dynamics, and a cryptozoology institute with questionable ethics.

From: The Center for Otherworld Science

Notes on This Title

Digital issues of the series are available for purchase through Gumroad. The creator has self-published physical copies of these issues as well, but they are not currently available for purchase online.

This series depicts death and dying.

This series last updated in August 2018.




“In this comic, sci fi meets a sweet sensibility never expected of the genre, translated by usage of watercolour and simple lines. Mags, Dani, and Jen are employees at the Center of Otherworld Science, an institute dedicated to study alien forms of life. The Center is not one to care much about ethics or work safety, and it is common for researchers to die while working. The story explores the lack of meaning in life, balancing it with interpersonal relations such as friendships, sex affairs, and love.

Even though the characters wear hazmat suits most of the time, their feelings are palpable. The “Otherworld” is fantastic and delicate, with their giant insect-like cute creatures and colorful plants. It makes sense that, in a plain lifeless scientific institute, people are fascinated (and scared) by it. Mags’ love affair with Dani and their ensuing struggles with commitment issues and sex are painful, beautiful, and relatable.” (Source: Women Write About Comics)


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