The Crossroads at Midnight (2021)


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The Crossroads at Midnight is an all-new, one-woman anthology by critically-acclaimed cartoonist Abby Howard, full of evocative, unnerving, slice-of-life horror. The five stories in this 352-page volume explore the consequences of what happens when one is desperate enough to seek solace in the unnatural.

From: Iron Circus Comics

Notes on This Title

This is an anthology title. Only one of the five stories (“The Girl in the Fields”) has overtly queer content; however, there are other characters that may be implied to be queer, such as a supporting character in the story “Mattress, Used” whose laptop has a sticker reading “Trans Binch”, and the focal character in the story “Kindred Spirits”, who may be implied to be a woman who is attracted to women.

This title contains graphic depictions of gore and violence, as well as a queer character being threatened with conversion therapy.




Starred Review: “Each story comes to life as Howard draws out thrilling climaxes with agonizingly long sequences that frequently linger on grotesque visuals.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)

“Unsettling in the best way.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)



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