The Fish Wife (2016)



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A short comic created for 24-Hour Comic Day 2016 about a lonely woman who makes a deal with a mermaid: the mermaid will marry her for one year, and if the woman still loves her at the end of that year, the mermaid will take her heart to feed to her children.

Notes on This Title

The comic includes suicide ideation, but the ending is open to interpretation.




“Gillman’s illustrations are utterly immersive and though the comic is only a few pages long they manage to create an entire world, one that you don’t want to leave. My description honestly doesn’t do Gillman’s work justice; their work is akin to a contemporary fairy tale, otherworldly yet instantly recognisable in its depiction of some of our most intimate wants and needs. As with all their creative output The Fish Wife subverts your expectations and creates a new tale for an audience who is often ignored, exploited or used in historic folklore.” (Women Write About Comics: “Small Press Bites: Faves of 2017 Edition”)



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