The Gay Who Turned Kaiju (2021)


Bullied for being gay, teenager Takashi Arashiro wishes he could just be somebody else-but who could predict he’d morph into a giant-headed sci-fi creature?! Takashi’s tumultuous emotions become the catalyst for personal and social exploration of the LGBTQ experience in this quirky, profound manga from prolific BL author Kazuki Minamoto.

From: Yen Press

Notes on This Title

The main character of this title is a gay Japanese teen. An anecdote in the text focuses on a trans man. There are frequent depictions of bullying, including homophobic bullying and bullying based on skin tone. There is an instance in which the main character nonconsensually touches an adult man in a sexual manner.




“Kazuki Minamoto offers no easy answers to Takashi’s predicament – and that’s what makes this such an unusual and convincing read.” (Source: Anime UK News)

“I want to see more stories like The Gay Who Turned Kaiju. Stories that focus on loving yourself, accepting yourself, and how the path to do both of those things is often thorny.” (Source: Buy Why Tho)



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