The Heart Hunter (2021)

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Find your soulmate… or live forever? On the cursed island of Envecor, everyone is doomed to wear their heart outside their bodies, and are immortal—unable to die, to change, to have children— until they find their soul mate. Paired soul mates are then turned mortal, freed from the curse, and able to leave. But all fairy tales have a dark side: those who don’t want to lose their immortality pay “Heart Hunters” to find their soul mates and kill them so they may remain immortal. Psyche, a Heart Hunter, is hired by the king to kill his soulmate. As she sets out on her quest, she begins her own journey of mending her broken heart and learning to trust again.

From: Legendary

Notes on This Title

It is strongly suggested that two major characters are a gay man and a bisexual man respectively. Another supporting character does not state a gender identity on panel, but can be read as androgynous or nonbinary. Characters have varying skin tones, but are not explicitly identified with real world racial or ethnic identities.




“Although a dark tale, teens and adults that have an appetite for dramatic stories will enjoy this graphic novel.” (Source: No Flying, No Tights)

“This is a magical journey that is sure to warm hearts and bring hope – along with a few tears.” (Source: Screen Rant)


Nerdist: “The Heart Hunter Creators on the Story’s Inspiration and Design

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