The Outfield

The Outfield (2002)


Want comics that queer the heck outta sports? Congrats! This is the book for you.
In addition to baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, The Outfield also takes a swing at golf, cricket, tennis, rugby, archery, the Olympics, soccer, and a host of other wholesome athletic endeavors.

The Outfield collects the entire run of Dylan Edwards’ sports comic from, and features a bonus section of even more queer sports cartoons. The Outfield was published monthly at from 2002-2009.

From: Studio NDR

Notes on This Title

The Outfield was a monthly comic feature on from 2002-2009. The collected edition of The Outfield includes all 73 comics from Outsports, as well as extra sports-themed comics from Edwards’ other series.

The comics do not have a continuous storyline or recurring characters. However, every comic centers queer issues or queer experiences.

A couple of comics address homophobia in a lighthearted and humorous manner.






Outsports: “Book of cartoons looks at sports from a gay angle”

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