The Third Person (2022)


In the winter of 2004, a shy woman named Emma sits in Toby’s office. She wants to share this wonderful new book she’s reading, but Toby, her therapist, is concerned with other things. Emma is transgender, and has sought out Toby for approval for hormone replacement therapy. Emma has shown up at the therapy sessions as an outgoing, confident young woman named Katina, and a depressed, submissive workaholic named Ed. She has little or no memory of her actions when presenting as these other two people. And then Toby asks about her childhood . . .

As the story unfolds, we discover clues to Emma’s troubled past and how and why these other two people may have come into existence. As Toby juggles treating three separate people, each with their own unique personalities and memories, he begins to wonder if Emma is merely acting out to get attention, or if she actually has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Is she just a troubled woman in need of help? And is “the third person” in her brain protecting her, or derailing her chances of ever finding peace?

The Third Person is a riveting memoir from newcomer Emma Grove. Drawn in thick, emotive lines, with the refined style of a comics vet, Grove has created a singular, gripping depiction of the intersection of identities and trauma. The Third Person is a testament to the importance of having the space to heal and live authentically.

From: Drawn & Quarterly

Notes on This Title

This is a memoir of a trans woman living with dissociative identity disorder. A trans man is a major supporting character.

This title features depictions of child abuse and brief sexually explicit sequences.


Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Nonfiction (2023)


The Third Person is a book that rewards multiple readings.” (Source: Graphic Medicine)

“A deeply personal, artistic self-portrait of being transgender and becoming whole.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“Grove proves an impressive new voice in comics.” (Source: Publishers Weekly)


Publishers Weekly: “Piecing It All Together: PW Talks with Emma Grove

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