To Strip the Flesh (2020)


A moving collection of six short stories that explores what must be stripped away to find the truth and celebrates the beauty of embracing who you are.

Chiaki Ogawa has never doubted who he is, although the rest of the world hasn’t been as kind. Bound by his mother’s dying wish, Chiaki tries to be a good daughter to his ailing father. But when the burden becomes too great, Chiaki sets out to remake himself in his own image and discovers more than just personal freedom in his transition—he finds understanding from the people who matter most.

From: Simon & Schuster

Notes on This Title

This is a collection of short stories. The title story depicts a trans Japanese man, and includes sequences of hunting and butchering animals, as well as some body horror images.




“All and all, the book is definitely worth it for the main story, but these shorter pieces are also a good, quick read.” (Source: The Mary Sue)



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