Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (2012)


The Transformer Rodimus leads the crew of the space vessel Lost Light on a quest to determine the whereabouts of the Knights of Cybertron, a legendary group of Cybertronian warriors.

Notes on This Title

This series is intended to stand-alone, and can mostly be read independently of any other Transformers series. After ending in December 2017, its story was continued in Transformers: Till All Are One and Transformers: Lost Light.

This series does not focus on any human characters, and instead features the robotic beings known as Transformers. As discussed by series writer James Roberts, nearly all Transformers use male pronouns. Roberts explained, “I wanted to tell romantic stories. If two characters were in a relationship, the probability was they were both going to be men.”

Some images presented in the series might be deemed gore if they were of human bodies rather than robotic aliens, and may nevertheless be upsetting to sensitive readers.


2014 True Believers Award For Favorite American Comic Book (Color) - Nominee
2014 True Believers Award For Favorite American Comic Book - Single Story - Nominee
2014 True Believers Award For Favorite American Comic Book - Continued Story - Nominee
ComicsAlliance Best of 2015 - Continued Excellence in Serial Comics
ComicsAlliance Best of 2016 - The Best Sci-Fi Comic of 2016


“A lot of the characterization is handled well, but some is burdened with too much continuity minutiae. There’s no reason a debut issue of a supposedly new reader-friendly series should have so many editor captions encouraging readers to look up older issues. The art should please Transformers fans who don’t find a stylized aesthetic more along the lines of recent animated projects rather than the rugged, functional look of classic Transformers tales. The art lacks depth at times when the shading is kept to a minimum, but the bright colors do lend a nice sheen to every page.” (Source: IGN)


The Guardian: “Kiss me, Chromedome: how the Transformers found peace and same-sex partnerships

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