Tripping Over You (2011)


Follow Milo and Liam’s steps (and missteps) as they begin a relationship, fold each other into their lives, and trip into living together. An LGBTQ+ webcomic!

From: Tripping Over You

Notes on This Title

Per the comic’s website, “Our main website is PG13, with some suggestion of sexuality as it comes up in their relationship. We do also make additional 18+ comics available in our store, but 18+ material never appears in the main story itself. We like to keep the two separate in case the adult stuff isn’t someone’s cup of tea (and sales of the 18+ comics help support us making the main comic for free), but we have a lot of fun making both in their own ways.”




“The story is one about two men’s journey with starting a relationship to maintaining it through the ups and downs. The main characters are Milo Dunstan and Liam Schwartz. The former is bubbly and excited about life in general. The latter is anxious and caffeinated (reminds me of myself). Their dynamic works because one reminds the other about the other side of life and that it is not perfect but could become so. Tripping Over You is simple and full of family and friends supporting each other or fighting with each other. As if the arcs are snippets of their lives together showing a progression of character and experiences. It is low on drama but still addresses issues that any couple may face, though it does address specific issues that same sex relationships may face as well.” (Source: Talking Comics)


Strip Show: “Backstage Pass April 2019: Suzana Harcum-White and Owen White of Tripping Over You

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