Woman World (2018)


A group of women gab and hang out in a post apocalyptic future where men are extinct and the survival of humanity is at stake.

From: Webtoon

Notes on This Title

This title was originally published on the creator’s Instagram. It has since been collected on Webtoon, as well as in print.

Characters are shown to have varying skin tones and hair textures, but no racial or ethnic identities are established on panel.

One character is shown to be dealing with anxiety, while another has a prosthetic leg.


2019 Harvey Award Nominee for Digital Book of the Year
2019 Ignatz Award Nominee for Outstanding Graphic Novel
2019 Ignatz Award Nominee for Outstanding Story


“Dhaliwal is an animator and her comics – which originally ran on Instagram – have a fluid, whimsical energy.” (Source: Comics Beat)

“The women of Woman World (aka Dame District, Lady Land, etc) are, as Dhaliwal notes in an afterword, “learning to talk again because they’re not being interrupted,” and the results are utterly joyous.” (Source: The Verge)


The Hollywood Reporter: “‘Woman World’ Book Shows the World as It Could Be, Post-Men

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