Your Mother’s Fox (2018)


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A woman sets out to see America the way her mother did: on the back of a giant fox. And while a giant fox may be better than any car for a roadtrip, the fox is old, and America is its own land. A poignant treatise on place, identity, and belonging.

From: ShortBox

Notes on This Title

Although the main character’s race is not made explicit in the comic, she is a brown-skinned second generation immigrant, and her race is implicitly a factor in her experience of her American road trip.




“Belonging returns often throughout Your Mother’s Fox. Our protagonist is no longer welcome in her old life, but isn’t quite sure where she should be. There’s no true elements anchoring her life anymore and it’s hard to see a clear path for herself. She’s lost in a sea of options, yet none seems attainable. There’s also suggestions that she questions her place in America, particularly as she travels and stop in small towns where she’s met with disapproving stares and mean looks. Those come because she’s travelling with a giant fox, but also because she’s a woman of colour. This idea permeates the comic, that perhaps finding a place to belong in America is not as easy as it should be for someone who looks like her.” (Source: The Beat)

“What Sekar has been able to create with Your Mother’s Fox is a dream that we can all have, as its lessons speak to the present in fundamentally transformative ways. This is not an easy story to read. It is suffused with a longing and sorrowfulness and it may make you cry, but the final moment of the journey is not only meant for the main character of the story.” (Source: Your Chicken Enemy)


The Comics Journal: “Take the Fox, at Least: An Interview with Nivedita Sekar”

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